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Mediation and Arbitration are methods to resolve a dispute known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”). They occur outside of court with assistance from specially trained professionals. These are particularly attractive methods for people who want to resolve their matter quickly and inexpensively as they can often be done without involving lawyers.



Mediation is an effort to get parties to come to an agreement between themselves. The professional is a “mediator” who tries to help the parties find common ground and resolve their dispute on consent.


Arbitration is similar to going to court in that another person will make the decision for you. This professional is called an “arbitrator”. The advantage of arbitration is that the process is substantially less formal, faster, and private. Because of this simplified process parties are often able to avoid the expense of hiring a lawyer.

There is also a hybrid process of Med-Arb where the same professional first tries to mediate the dispute and if that is unsuccessful they arbitrate the dispute.


Certified Mediators and Arbitrators

A significant advantage of ADR is that the parties get to pick the professional assisting them. When you go to court you don’t get to pick your judge and many judges have no background in family law. It’s a significant advantage to have someone hearing your case who is a specialist in the field.

We have mediators and arbitrators certified by the Ontario Association of Family Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario. We’ve helped hundreds of families resolve their disputes and we’d be happy to help resolve your dispute.

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Why choose mediation services

In many instances, mediation and arbitration services can save time, money and emotional distress.

By choosing mediation, you:

  • Speak directly with your spouse about what is important to you
  • Control the outcome by being an active participant during negotiations
  • Are more likely to keep your mediated agreements vs. following a court-ordered ruling
  • Begin the healing process sooner, as mediation can be a quick process
  • Handle your divorce with dignity, respect and fairness

By choosing arbitration, you:

  • Choose an arbitrator who can have extensive experience
  • Keep your affairs private, as court proceedings become public record
  • Will have a binding outcome that both you and your spouse will have to follow

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