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The Family Law court system is one that is frequently criticized, and rightly so. The system is one that is slow by design and very expensive. Your case also becomes a matter of public record and anyone, including your children, can go to court and request to see your pleadings. As a result, the goal in any family law dispute should always be to resolve the case outside of court.


Family Law Litigation

Family law litigation involves various “conferences” which are informal appearances before a judge where they can offer you advice and give an opinion but do not have the ability to decide an issue where the parties don’t agree. Prior to a trial the only way to have a judge make a decision for you is through a motion, where a judge can make a temporary decision based on written evidence. The entire court process often takes over a year and is prohibitively expensive.

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Litigation involves numerous documents that need to be prepared and submitted to the court and clear timelines that force both parties to move the matter along. It’s a difficult, emotional, and expensive process that should be avoided if possible. Unfortunately, if a matter can’t be resolved outside of court your only recourse is to go to court. In such cases, you want a lawyer with experience, who understands the law and will advocate for you. We’ve argued cases at every level of court in Ontario on all manner of issues.


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