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Spousal Support

Fair and Equitable Spousal Support

Spousal support is financial assistance paid by one spouse to another following divorce or separation.

It is a right of either parent to receive fair and equitable support when their salary is lower than the other partner.

spousal support

It’s also stability, and help toward building a life after marriage. If you have kids, it means they see both parents thriving individually and never worry about the well-being of one parent.

In many families, one partner sacrifices career goals to assume more responsibilities at home. That partner can be at a financial disadvantage if the marriage ends, and spousal support seeks to find a fair balance of ongoing assistance for the partner who put career goals aside for the family.

Work together toward the same goal

In high conflict divorce, spousal support agreements are often contentious. But difficult or not, it’s important to find a fair middle ground.

In Ontario, spousal support is part of determining property division.

Geoffrey Carpenter and the team at Carpenter Law facilitate spousal support for families in agreement or conflict over what constitutes fair and equitable assistance.

An impartial look at your family dynamic always brings the best solution for everybody involved, and that’s our specialty.

How is spousal support calculated?

In Ontario, spousal support is almost always paid by the spouse with the higher income to the spouse with the lower income. There is no gender bias.

The Ontario Family Law Act outlines what judges must consider when calculating alimony:

  • Financial means of both spouses.
  • Total time married.
  • Child care and ongoing responsibilities.

Your financial status changes following a divorce. That doesn’t mean your quality of life has to.

Our team helps you reach a fair spousal support agreement where neither party feels unfairly targeted.

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Spousal support is temporary assistance

The goal of spousal support is to help the spouse receiving payments become self-sufficient. Spousal support is financial assistance, a step in the process of slowly untwisting your lives from each other

The end of a long relationship is traumatic, and you can make it easier on yourself and your partner with a fair spousal support agreement.

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