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Mediation & Arbitration

Family Law Mediation Services in Oakville

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If divorcing & separating couples can avoid the courtroom by agreeing on certain family law issues like:

family law mediation services in Okaville, mediation and arbitration services

When you know your rights, it helps resolve matters quickly without expensive courtroom costs.

At Carpenter Law, we believe in using mediation & arbitration services as often as possible to settle and finalize any disputes and disagreements.

Together with you, we will create open lines of communication between you and your spouse and ensure your feelings are treated with respect regarding the issues at hand.

Mediation & arbitration services

Spouses often confuse mediation & arbitration. They are two different processes, however they both involve constructive communication between parties outside the courtroom.


Mediation involves working with a trained mediator to negotiate on issues like custody, support, access and how to divide property, with fairness and respect.

Mediation requires both spouses to keep an open mind and be willing to make concessions on the issues being discussed. However, if you are in mediation, you have choices. You can end the mediation at any time or decide not to accept what the mediator or your spouse is suggesting.

Mediation is private and less adversarial than other court proceedings. It is also less expensive and resolves matters much more quickly than litigation.


Arbitration involves hiring a third party, an arbitrator, to resolve your conflict. An arbitrator can decide on custody, support, access and how to divide property, but cannot grant a divorce or an annulment. They can only decide on the issues you ask them to resolve and must use only Canadian or Ontario family law.

Arbitration is like a court case, but less formal. Most people will choose to have a lawyer present. At the hearing, both parties can give evidence. After each of you has talked, the arbitrator will make a decision.

Arbitration is private and often less adversarial than a court trial. However, once you start arbitration, you must comply with it. As well, the arbitrator’s decision is the final ruling in the case.

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Why choose family law mediation services

In many instances, mediation and arbitration services can save time, money and emotional distress.

By choosing mediation, you:

  • Speak directly with your spouse about what is important to you
  • Control the outcome by being an active participant during negotiations
  • Are more likely to keep your mediated agreements vs. following a court-ordered ruling
  • Begin the healing process sooner, as mediation can be a quick process
  • Handle your divorce with dignity, respect and fairness

By choosing arbitration, you:

  • Choose an arbitrator who can have extensive experience in family law
  • Keep your affairs private, as court proceedings become public record
  • Will have a binding outcome that both you and your spouse will have to follow

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