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How Is Spousal Support Calculated?

Written by Carpenter Family LawOn December 14, 2018

How Is Spousal Support Calculated? There are many reasons why it’s difficult to separate from your partner. Emotionally and legally, there is a lot of baggage to work through. Unfortunately, attempting to navigate the legal guidelines that exist can add additional stress and pose challenges for many couples. Spousal support is one of the areas that […]

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Debunked: The All Too Common Myths Relating to Divorce and Separation

Written by Carpenter Family LawOn November 10, 2018

Divorce and separation can be a tough time for all involved. Being misinformed about the process does nothing but add to your worries. Read on to discover the facts… Myth #1: Divorce and Separation are the Same Thing It’s an easy mistake to think that the two are the same, but in fact, these are […]

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The Difference Between Mediation and Arbitration

Written by Carpenter Family LawOn September 2, 2018

The difference between mediation and arbitration Mediation and arbitration are often confused for each other. Both are effective ways to resolve disputes outside of the courts, and preferable in family law situations where children are involved. What’s the difference and how can they help your family come to a fair and equitable resolution in cases […]

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Property Division | Why Shared Assets Don’t Have to be Roadblocks in Your New Life

Written by Carpenter Family LawOn August 14, 2018

Property division and why shared assets don’t have to be roadblocks in your new life Sometimes in a divorce, property division becomes a power struggle. But coming out the winner in your divorce rarely feels good when all is said and done. In reality, coming out fair, so your children see both parents thrive and […]

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Custody and Living Arrangements

Written by Carpenter Family LawOn August 4, 2018

How to talk to your kids about custody and living arrangements Talking to your kids about living arrangements following a divorce is hard. They’re confused, scared, and might think your relationship trouble is their fault. You only have one shot at getting that first talk about custody and living arrangements right. We’ve seen hundreds of […]

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How to Make Sure Custody and Access is Fair for Your Kids

Written by Carpenter Family LawOn July 2, 2018

How to make sure custody and access is fair for your kids Divorce is difficult on everybody in the family, including the children. The family unit takes a different shape following a divorce or separation, where parents need to learn how to maintain civil relations and fairness in new parenting roles. Custody and access can […]

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How to help your kids during a divorce

Written by Carpenter Family LawOn June 1, 2018

Divorce isn’t only hard on the couple separating. If there are kids in the family, they are often more distressed by the changing shape of the family than the parents are. Every divorce affects the kids, but their outcome depends a lot on the way each parent handles themselves. Kids will be angry, sad, frustrated, […]

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How child support can be fair and equitable

Written by Carpenter Family LawOn May 1, 2018

Child support isn’t meant to punish one parent following a divorce or separation. It is primarily a system to help limit the negative impacts of a separation on children. Neither parent should thrive at the expense of the other. Child support helps balance the new family structure so both parents have the means to provide […]

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What is Family Law? | Family Law in Oakville and Burlington

Written by Carpenter Family LawOn April 30, 2018

A family law practice can help your family move through a difficult transition with as little friction as possible. Family law gives everybody an equal voice and ensures fairness and dignity in your legal family difficulties. These 6 facets of our family law practice include: Mediation and arbitration Spousal support Child support Custody and access […]

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Family Law – Fathers: Myths & Truths

Written by Carpenter Family LawOn November 11, 2015

At Carpenter Law (or almost any family law services provider for that matter), we often hear horror stories of fathers being judged harshly during family court proceedings. They suffer unfair accusations. They are mistreated by judges and opposing counsel. They believe that family law in Ontario is tilted against them. They think they just can’t […]

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