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How Is Spousal Support Calculated?

How Is Spousal Support Calculated? There are many reasons why it’s difficult to separate from your partner. Emotionally and legally, there is a lot of baggage to work through. Unfortunately, attempting to navigate the legal guidelines that exist can add additional stress and pose challenges for many couples. Spousal support is one of the areas that

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How to help your kids during a divorce

Divorce isn’t only hard on the couple separating. If there are kids in the family, they are often more distressed by the changing shape of the family than the parents are. Every divorce affects the kids, but their outcome depends a lot on the way each parent handles themselves. Kids will be angry, sad, frustrated,

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How child support can be fair and equitable

Child support isn’t meant to punish one parent following a divorce or separation. It is primarily a system to help limit the negative impacts of a separation on children. Neither parent should thrive at the expense of the other. Child support helps balance the new family structure so both parents have the means to provide

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Full Guide to Ontario Legal Resources

Your full, free guide to legal resources in Ontario The internet is a great resource for parents and children going through separation or divorce. Below you can find an extensive list of resources available for both parents and children. It’s a great place to start, and if you can’t find the answer to your question,

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